Here’s What Food Service Disposable Glove Customers Really Want

Here’s What Food Service Disposable Glove Customers Really Want

We’re going to be totally honest with you:

Restaurant managers do not care where they buy their gloves from, as long as buying their gloves doesn’t cause them any extra work.

Beyond the material type (latex, vinyl, nitrile or poly), color and tear resistance needs, they aren’t going to think about their gloves much more than making sure they have enough in stock.

In fact, many restaurant owners like to keep their glove supply on an auto-ordering system to maintain enough on hand (pun intended) without a thought. They are likely ordering from a big company like Sysco or US Foods, so unless their main distributor supplies it, it can be very challenging to get them to do a separate order just for gloves. Change is extra work, and they’ve got a business to run.

This is where a talented salesperson and superior customer service come in. By making the process as simple as pie, you can convince them to save by switching brands to STRONG.

Buyers can put their STRONG glove subscription on auto order on our online store so they can still stick with their main distributor and never think about the fact that their gloves are coming from a separate supplier. Orders can be made weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or at custom increments.

And—equally important—they need great pricing as an incentive to switch.

STRONG gloves are the same great quality as leading brands but at a fraction of the cost because we offer factory direct pricing. We have been in the disposable glove business for over 35 years and we talk to our factories every single day, so we know what it means to have both good quality and good pricing. Our gloves help customers save double digit numbers, which has the potential to change their business over time.

So, these customers may not care initially where they get their gloves from, but you can show them the path to STRONG.

January 16, 2020 — STRONG Manufacturers
Why Use Black Nitrile Gloves?

Why Use Black Nitrile Gloves?

One of STRONG’s newest products, Black Nitrile Gloves, are officially out on the market. Customers are loving this new general purpose glove and all of its benefits. Here are just a few reasons why.
November 14, 2019 — STRONG Manufacturers
The Benefits of STRONG General Purpose Blue Vinyl Gloves

The Benefits of STRONG General Purpose Blue Vinyl Gloves

We are excited to introduce STRONG General Purpose Blue Vinyl Gloves and their many benefits to our customers. Here are some key advantages to this disposable item.
Powdered Vs. Powder Free Disposable Gloves

Powdered Vs. Powder Free Disposable Gloves


One of the many choices you will be faced with when choosing the disposable gloves for your business is powdered or powder free gloves? Both have their uses and benefits. Let’s look at the difference between the two.

Powdered Gloves

Powdered disposable gloves are convenient for those who require many quick changes in gloves like those working in food prep. The powder, which is often made out of cornstarch, makes it easier to don and remove the gloves. Unfortunately, the powder does leave a bit of a residue wherever is touched, which can cause contamination. The powder on latex gloves can increase risk of allergies as well, making powdered latex gloves a less popular choice.

Powder Free Gloves

As of December 2016, the FDA banned the use of powdered medical/exam grade gloves, so all STRONG medical gloves are powder free. Some food prep is also best done with powder free gloves instead of powdered. If the users are not constantly switching gloves, powder free is the preferred choice to reduce contamination.


Looking for the ideal gloves for your business? Let us help. Contact STRONG Manufacturers at or call 716-507-4476, and one of our personalized customer service representatives will learn about your business, your unique needs and work with you to find the best solutions for you.

Latex Gloves Banned in 4 States. What Are Your Alternatives?

Latex Gloves Banned in 4 States. What Are Your Alternatives?

On March 1, 2019, Ohio, Connecticut, Oregon and Hawaii officially banned the use of latex gloves in food service operations and retail food establishments. More states are likely to follow suit.

Latex gloves have been the go-to for the food service industry for decades. They’re durable, stretchy, tactile and cost-effective. They also provide great barrier protection. What went wrong?

Why Ban Latex?

According to the American Latex Allergy Association, around 3 million people in the U.S. are allergic to latex. Allergic reactions to latex often include skin rashes and hives. Sometimes the person may experience nasal, eye or sinus symptoms. Rarely, an allergic reaction to latex may even cause shock.

Because there are other options easily available to replace latex, several states have banned its use in the food service industry.

Latex Alternatives

In an effort to always diversify the choices that we give our customers, STRONG offers the 3 FDA approved alternatives to latex gloves:

  1. Nitrile
  2. Vinyl
  3. Poly

Because STRONG is both a manufacturer and supplier, we are able to offer all of our disposable gloves at deeply discounted prices without sacrificing any quality. Let us help you find latex alternatives that work for you.

STRONG General Purpose Nitrile Gloves – Powder Free

STRONG General Purpose Nitrile Gloves are durable enough to handle the wear and tear of heavy duty food prep. These tough gloves provide reliable coverage with a beaded cuff at the wrist.

STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves

Another great latex alternative, STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves provide great protection and more of a tactile feeling during use. We offer both powdered and powder free options.

STRONG Poly Gloves

New to our online store, STRONG Poly Gloves are both comfortable and economical. This disposable glove is ideal for light duty tasks and to prevent cross contamination during food preparation.


To learn more about the different glove options available, check out our How to Choose the Best Disposable Gloves for Your Business blog. If you still need help finding the right latex alternative for you, contact STRONG Manufacturers at or call 716-507-4476 and one of our expert sales representatives will be happy to help.

STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves in the Food Service Industry

STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves in the Food Service Industry

A big part of success in the food service industry is using products that you can count on. STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves are durable and will not rip, providing you with protection that you can trust during food prep and cleaning. These gloves are also made from materials that fully comply with the FDA for food contact and food handling, giving you peace of mind.

Vinyl gloves are a great alternative for those with latex allergies. We have both powdered and powder free options available. Each glove is ambidextrous for ease of donning. As general purpose gloves, this item fits in well in the medical, tattoo, hospitality, salon and jan/san industries as well as the food service industry.

Running out of gloves can be a catastrophe—you can’t properly serve or cook food without them! Set your business up for success by signing up for the STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves monthly subscription service.

Get STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves for 10% off with this subscription and never have to worry about ordering gloves again. You can sign up for this subscription service for any of our STRONG gloves. Check out the rest of our glove line and more products that we have to offer at the STRONG Online Store.

February 19, 2019 — STRONG Manufacturers