Can Quality Kinesiology Tape Also Be Affordable?

Can Quality Kinesiology Tape Also Be Affordable?

Picture it: it’s 2008. The Beijing Olympics have just begun, and viewers at home watch as Olympic athletes stride out covered in brightly colored tapes.

What’s so strange about this tape is that it’s not wrapped around their limbs like athletic tape, but instead it’s stuck onto the wearer in different shapes and patterns. When interviewed, Olympians like Michael Phelps touted the amazing benefits of “kinesiology tape.”

This is how kinesiology tape rose in popularity. Soon after, athletes of all levels began buying the strange new tape.

Unfortunately, kinesiology tape was rather expensive for a long time.

Making Kinesiology Tape More Affordable

Everyone deserves to move and feel better, not just athletes. That’s where OKTape comes in—OKTape’s goal is to make kinesiology tape more accessible and affordable to everyone while still providing the same amazing quality. It is made from the same materials as leading brands but is a fraction of the cost.

Comfortable and lightweight but still extremely adhesive, OKTape classic rolls stick for up to 3 days while pro rolls stick for up to 5. Both are sweatproof to support you no matter what.

Here are some ways that OKTape can help support you:

  • Improve posture
  • Accelerate muscle recovery
  • Reduce swelling
  • Provide pain relief from sports injuries like tennis elbow or overworked joints
  • Provide pain relief from everyday aches like a stiff neck or menstrual pain

A Kinesiology Tape for All

A kinesiology tape for all, OKTape is available at the STRONG Online Store. Use code FirstTry to get 30% off your kinesiology tape order. Don’t forget that our website offers free shipping for all orders over $30 as well.

September 17, 2019 — STRONG Manufacturers
How to Apply OKTape Kinesiology Tape

How to Apply OKTape Kinesiology Tape

Athletes love kinesiology tape. It helps muscles recover faster and supports the muscles and joints to help avoid injury, making their training more effective.

But anyone can enjoy the benefits of kinesiology tape—from a common backache to wrist pain from working at a computer, kinesiology tape can help with everyday aches that anyone experiences. Still, it can be intimidating to apply if you’ve never used it. To help, here are some tips on how to apply kinesiology tape.

Before Application

Applying OKTape is easy, but there are a few steps you need to take before beginning:

  1. Prepare the skin by removing any lotions or oils. The skin should also be completely dry for best application.
  2. Check that there is no damage in the skin area that you will be applying the tape. Damage includes scrapes, cuts, burns, rashes or any kind of irritation.
  3. If you need to cut the tape, be sure to keep the underside film of the tape to avoid touching the adhesive. To avoid this step altogether, you can get OKTape Classic Rolls which have precut strips for your convenience.

Applying Kinesiology Tape

Once you have the area prepped, you are ready to place the tape in your desired location. You can give it a little stretch when applying, but avoid overstretching the tape as it can cause skin irritation or even blistering. When applied properly, kinesiology tape can last up to 3-5 days.

Removing Kinesiology Tape

When removing kinesiology tape, make sure to remove it in the direction of hair growth to avoid pulling the hair. If the tape is tough to remove, you may need to loosen it with baby oil or vegetable oil for an easier removal.

Order OKTape Today

Ready to try OKTape for yourself? You can find OKTape Kinesiology Tape on the STRONG Online Store. Use code FirstTry for 30% off on your order.

March 26, 2019 — STRONG Manufacturers