STRONG Manufacturers Announces Acquisition of INTRO Consultants LLC

STRONG Manufacturers Announces Acquisition of INTRO Consultants LLC

STRONG Manufacturers announced today that it has acquired INTRO Consultants LLC. Both are privately held companies. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

July 13, 2021 — Lynn Menegay
The Benefits of STRONG General Purpose Blue Vinyl Gloves

The Benefits of STRONG General Purpose Blue Vinyl Gloves

We are excited to introduce STRONG General Purpose Blue Vinyl Gloves and their many benefits to our customers. Here are some key advantages to this disposable item.
Latex Gloves Banned in 4 States. What Are Your Alternatives?

Latex Gloves Banned in 4 States. What Are Your Alternatives?

On March 1, 2019, Ohio, Connecticut, Oregon and Hawaii officially banned the use of latex gloves in food service operations and retail food establishments. More states are likely to follow suit.

Latex gloves have been the go-to for the food service industry for decades. They’re durable, stretchy, tactile and cost-effective. They also provide great barrier protection. What went wrong?

Why Ban Latex?

According to the American Latex Allergy Association, around 3 million people in the U.S. are allergic to latex. Allergic reactions to latex often include skin rashes and hives. Sometimes the person may experience nasal, eye or sinus symptoms. Rarely, an allergic reaction to latex may even cause shock.

Because there are other options easily available to replace latex, several states have banned its use in the food service industry.

Latex Alternatives

In an effort to always diversify the choices that we give our customers, STRONG offers the 3 FDA approved alternatives to latex gloves:

  1. Nitrile
  2. Vinyl
  3. Poly

Because STRONG is both a manufacturer and supplier, we are able to offer all of our disposable gloves at deeply discounted prices without sacrificing any quality. Let us help you find latex alternatives that work for you.

STRONG General Purpose Nitrile Gloves – Powder Free

STRONG General Purpose Nitrile Gloves are durable enough to handle the wear and tear of heavy duty food prep. These tough gloves provide reliable coverage with a beaded cuff at the wrist.

STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves

Another great latex alternative, STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves provide great protection and more of a tactile feeling during use. We offer both powdered and powder free options.

STRONG Poly Gloves

New to our online store, STRONG Poly Gloves are both comfortable and economical. This disposable glove is ideal for light duty tasks and to prevent cross contamination during food preparation.


To learn more about the different glove options available, check out our How to Choose the Best Disposable Gloves for Your Business blog. If you still need help finding the right latex alternative for you, contact STRONG Manufacturers at or call 716-507-4476 and one of our expert sales representatives will be happy to help.

The STRONG Private Label Product Process

The STRONG Private Label Product Process

Having your own brand has its advantages, but setting your product apart from your competition can be tough. To help, STRONG can create the private label that your product needs to stand out.

The Process

We make the private label process easy. Here are the steps we take during your private label process:

  1. You tell us about your product and your brand’s identity
  2. We provide you with mockups
  3. You choose your preferred mockup
  4. We edit your specs
  5. Production begins

Manufacturing Your Private Label Product

Sometimes brands get the private labeling they dreamed of but have no way to manufacture their product, making it difficult for their brand to get off the ground.  

STRONG not only creates the private label for you—we manufacture your products as well. Because of our manufacturing capabilities, we can manufacture high quality products at a factory direct price, cutting costs to save you valuable money.

What We Can Private Label

We can create private labels for gloves, wipes, face masks and so much more—basically anything that comes in a package. Call us at 716-507-4476 or email to ask us how we can create a private label for you.

February 28, 2019 — STRONG Manufacturers
Manufacturer Direct Pricing

Manufacturer Direct Pricing

STRONG Manufacturers services the medical, jan/san, salon, and tattoo industries, among others. Put simply, manufacturer direct pricing means we deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost, much lower than you would normally get from a distributor. Let’s look at how we can do that.

How Normal Distribution Works

Typically, when a product sells it first goes to a big distributor, then a small distributor, then the end user. When it goes through all those companies, the price gets increased every time. The end user ends up paying a higher price because the people in between the factory and the end user are  buying, selling and reselling because they are trying to make money too.

How Direct Manufacturing Works

What makes STRONG different is that we get the product straight from the factory  and sell directly to the end user so that you get the best possible price. We do this to help companies across the United States, both big and small, save money without sacrificing quality.

For a long time, we partnered with other companies to provide them with our direct manufacturer pricing. Thanks to our new online store, you can now easily shop our products at these low prices online. Visit the STRONG Online Store today to find high quality products at manufacturer direct pricing. 

February 14, 2019 — STRONG Manufacturers


STRONG Manufacturers is a manufacturer of disposable items used in Medical, Hospitality, Jan/San and other industries. We are committed to cutting out the layers of complexity and providing you the products that you need at the best price possible.

STRONG’s current operations can be summarized into 3 specific areas:

  1. Distribution
  2. Logistics and 3PL services
  3. Products

Medical/Industrial Distribution

STRONG owns a $40 million distributor, BHS, in the northeast. BHS services many healthcare markets, including hospitals, home health, long term care, physician's offices and more.

BHS carries over 6,000 items in it's diverse catalog, allowing it to supply the needs of hospitals all the way to physician's offices.

Although focused on healthcare for the last 40 years, we have been expanding our distributor services beyond just healthcare and into non-medical industries like Jan/San, Food Service and Hospitality.

Logistics and 3PL Services

To better serve our customers in selling their product, STRONG stores and moves product for other companies out of our Charlotte, NC and Buffalo, NY warehouse locations. 

Product Sales

We are currently selling STRONG branded products to distributors/dealers across the U.S. Our goal is to help other businesses in the medical, jan/san, tattoo and salon businesses save money without sacrificing quality with our direct manufacturing prices.

We have recently launched the STRONG Online Store which features a full catalog of items and the ability to drop-ship to customers across the entire U.S. Visit the STRONG Online Store today to shop our collections.

February 05, 2019 — STRONG Manufacturers