We are excited to introduce STRONG General Purpose Blue Vinyl Gloves and their many benefits to our customers. Here are some key advantages to this disposable item.

A Latex Alternative

Many suffer from latex allergies and need an alternative in order to work safely. Some states have even banned the use of latex gloves in food prep altogether. One main advantage is that this product is latex-free and does not cause any skin allergies or reactions.

Cost-Effective, But Still High Quality

Less expensive than nitrile, vinyl material is the most cost-effective choice for general purpose tasks while still providing puncture resistant, high quality barrier protection.

Easy Identification

The distinctive blue color allows for easy identification. You can tell immediately by the color that this is a latex-free glove. This is crucial in a work environment where the gloves must be recognized in an instant.  The blue color also more easily shows rips and tears, which is important in a food service environment.

Enhanced Tactile Feel

STRONG Blue Vinyl Gloves are super stretchy, providing a comfortable fit and an enhanced tactile feel that allows the wearer to easily sense whatever it is they are working on.

Variety of Uses

STRONG Blue Vinyl gloves are ideal for food prep, cleaning, general purpose and other non-medical uses.


Order STRONG General Purpose Blue Vinyl Gloves

You can order STRONG General Purpose Blue Vinyl Gloves on the STRONG Online Store. Remember that all orders over $30 get free shipping. Still looking for the best disposable glove for your business? Let us help. Call 716-507-4476 or email info@strongmanufacturers.com to learn more about our range of options to suit you.


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