We’re going to be totally honest with you:

Restaurant managers do not care where they buy their gloves from, as long as buying their gloves doesn’t cause them any extra work.

Beyond the material type (latex, vinyl, nitrile or poly), color and tear resistance needs, they aren’t going to think about their gloves much more than making sure they have enough in stock.

In fact, many restaurant owners like to keep their glove supply on an auto-ordering system to maintain enough on hand (pun intended) without a thought. They are likely ordering from a big company like Sysco or US Foods, so unless their main distributor supplies it, it can be very challenging to get them to do a separate order just for gloves. Change is extra work, and they’ve got a business to run.

This is where a talented salesperson and superior customer service come in. By making the process as simple as pie, you can convince them to save by switching brands to STRONG.

Buyers can put their STRONG glove subscription on auto order on our online store so they can still stick with their main distributor and never think about the fact that their gloves are coming from a separate supplier. Orders can be made weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or at custom increments.

And—equally important—they need great pricing as an incentive to switch.

STRONG gloves are the same great quality as leading brands but at a fraction of the cost because we offer factory direct pricing. We have been in the disposable glove business for over 35 years and we talk to our factories every single day, so we know what it means to have both good quality and good pricing. Our gloves help customers save double digit numbers, which has the potential to change their business over time.

So, these customers may not care initially where they get their gloves from, but you can show them the path to STRONG.

January 16, 2020 — STRONG Manufacturers

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