One of the many choices you will be faced with when choosing the disposable gloves for your business is powdered or powder free gloves? Both have their uses and benefits. Let’s look at the difference between the two.

Powdered Gloves

Powdered disposable gloves are convenient for those who require many quick changes in gloves like those working in food prep. The powder, which is often made out of cornstarch, makes it easier to don and remove the gloves. Unfortunately, the powder does leave a bit of a residue wherever is touched, which can cause contamination. The powder on latex gloves can increase risk of allergies as well, making powdered latex gloves a less popular choice.

Powder Free Gloves

As of December 2016, the FDA banned the use of powdered medical/exam grade gloves, so all STRONG medical gloves are powder free. Some food prep is also best done with powder free gloves instead of powdered. If the users are not constantly switching gloves, powder free is the preferred choice to reduce contamination.


Looking for the ideal gloves for your business? Let us help. Contact STRONG Manufacturers at or call 716-507-4476, and one of our personalized customer service representatives will learn about your business, your unique needs and work with you to find the best solutions for you.


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