A big part of success in the food service industry is using products that you can count on. STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves are durable and will not rip, providing you with protection that you can trust during food prep and cleaning. These gloves are also made from materials that fully comply with the FDA for food contact and food handling, giving you peace of mind.

Vinyl gloves are a great alternative for those with latex allergies. We have both powdered and powder free options available. Each glove is ambidextrous for ease of donning. As general purpose gloves, this item fits in well in the medical, tattoo, hospitality, salon and jan/san industries as well as the food service industry.

Running out of gloves can be a catastrophe—you can’t properly serve or cook food without them! Set your business up for success by signing up for the STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves monthly subscription service.

Get STRONG General Purpose Vinyl Gloves for 10% off with this subscription and never have to worry about ordering gloves again. You can sign up for this subscription service for any of our STRONG gloves. Check out the rest of our glove line and more products that we have to offer at the STRONG Online Store.

February 19, 2019 — STRONG Manufacturers

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