STRONG Vinyl Exam Gloves - 150 Per Box - Powder Free

STRONG Vinyl Exam Gloves are designed for quick tasks and allow for easy removal and replacement of gloves in busy medical, or industrial locations. They are durable, cost-effective, and Vinyl gloves are a great alternative for those with latex allergies. These high-quality patient examination gloves are intended for medical purposes to be worn by examiners to prevent contamination between the patient and the examiner.

• Clear
• Powder free
• Not made with natural rubber latex
• Competes with 3-4 mil gloves
• Non-sterile
• Single use only
• Ambidextrous
• Beaded cuff
• Smooth finish

Packaging: 150 Per Box – 10 Boxes Per Case

*Please note that due to box size constraints, XL ships with 130 gloves per box

Size(s) and Reorder Number(s):
SMP-3002 (Small)
SMP-3003 (Medium)
SMP-3004 (Large)
SMP-3005 (XL)

ASTM D5250: Standard Specification for Poly (vinyl chloride) Gloves for Medical Application. Exam gloves are cleared to US market through FDA’s 510(k) process.