STRONG Plastic Cups - 5oz, 7oz, 9oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz

STRONG Plastic Cups

Transparent plastic drinking cups available in 5oz, 7oz, 9oz, 10oz, 12oz, and 16oz sizes. These disposable cups are primarily used to hold cold or room-temperature beverages but can be used to hold a variety of items for various uses. Thick and strong, these cups are easy to grip and won't crush under your hand.

5oz plastic cup: SMP-24020 (100 Per Sleeve – 25 Sleeves Per Case)

7oz plastic cup: SMP-24040 (100 Per Sleeve – 25 Sleeves Per Case)

9oz plastic cup: SMP-24060 (100 Per Sleeve – 25 Sleeves Per Case)

10oz plastic cup: SMP-24100 (50 Per Sleeve – 20 Sleeves Per Case)

12oz plastic cup: SMP-24120 (50 Per Sleeve – 20 Sleeves Per Case)

16oz plastic cup: SMP-24160 (50 Per Sleeve – 20 Sleeves Per Case)