STRONG Shoe Covers

STRONG Shoe Covers

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Shoe covers are disposable slip-on garments that fit securely over a range of shoe styles and sizes. They have a variety of applications including assembly, medical, food processing and service, warehousing and more. Not only do they protect your shoes from coming in contact with potentially hazardous materials, but they also protect sterile spaces from any dust or bacteria you might have on your shoes.

• Blue
• Skid resistant
• Fluid resistant
• Single use
• Regular and SMS lines available

Packaging: 100 Per Box – 3 Boxes Per Case

Size(s) and Reorder Number(s):
SMP-5101 (Universal)
SMP-5102 (XL)
SMP-5103 (XXL)
SMP-5111 (SMS Universal)
SMP-5112 (SMS XL)
SMP-5113 (SMS XL)

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What does “SMS” stand for? Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond. This is a type of nonwoven fabric that combines spunbond and meltblown fabrics. SMS material is utilized for its greater water repelling capabilities.