STRONG Disposable Adult Wipes are ideal for on-the-go cleansing. They come in 4 different options:

Each pack/tub provides quick and easy dispensing for your convenience. Easily grab one at a time and close the pack/tub to keep the remaining wipes moist. All wipes are sizes 8”x12” with a durable strength so that they will not break during use.

Because STRONG wipes are medical grade, they have many different cleansing purposes from cleaning messes on countertops or your hands to incontinence. Infused with aloe and lanolin, these adult personal hygiene wipes are alcohol free and spunlanced for comfort. These soothing wipes are gentle on the skin and provide a fresh, clean feeling.

You can find STRONG Disposable Adult Wipes on the STRONG Online Store along with many other products in the medical, jan/san, salon and tattoo industries.

February 26, 2019 — STRONG Manufacturers

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